Sheet Metal Fabrication

Making metal pipes and tubesWorking with a company that provides sheet metal fabrication services can turn a mediocre HVAC installation project into a work of art. Recent developments in trends such as industrialized design have led to increased use of open ductwork designs that turn the basic needs of heating and cooling into high class, modern fixtures.

Hot (Or Cool) Enough For You?

The most important factor in an HVAC system is functionality. Does your Toledo, OH home or business stay temperate, or do you flip from overheated to iced-over? Your HVAC system may be the wrong size for your building. This often happens after a renovation. Adding cubic feet to your home will change the requirements for your HVAC system. If you’re planning a renovation or have purchased a home that underwent renovation in the past and you’re having trouble keeping your home comfortable, talk to a professional.

Moisture Content

Is the humidity level consistent? Dry heat is easier to tolerate than a tropical climate. Excess moisture can lead to many problems. If your home feels clammy, set up an appointment with an HVAC specialist to confirm that all aspects of your system are handling moisture effectively. Your family and business associates will appreciate it!

Particulate Matter

Depending on the nature of your business, dust management can be critical. Particulate matter can negatively impact

  1. the health and well-being of your employees, and
  2. the functionality of your equipment

Access to filters for timely changes is critical. A skilled HVAC team can help you design duct work that will make filter access easy and safe.

Make the Basic Beautiful

Plasma cutters offer HVAC professionals the ability to cut custom duct work for any application. If your home or business requires an HVAC upgrade, know that Noron, Inc. can provide your system with custom ducting features for:

Building add-ons

Oftentimes, building additions make for some odd corners and difficult angles for HVAC implementation. If you’re adding a supplemental system or upgrading the base unit for the entire space, working with an HVAC company that can product custom duct work can save you time and money.

Basement renovations

Depending on the age of your original structure, the ductwork in your basement may hang prohibitively low. Also, the HVAC systems of today offer much more power in a smaller unit. If your HVAC upgrade frees up new space in your basement and you’d like to improve the access to that space, Noron’s custom sheet metal fabrication capabilities may be just what you need to provide access to this new space.

Visible ductwork

Industrial ventilation system on the wall and ceilingYour Toledo OH home or business could move into the modern era with bright and beautiful curved duct work visible to all. Upgrading existing duct work and opening ceiling structures could add a touch of polish to your building or home that you will enjoy for years to come.

Climate controlled comfort can be maintained with access to the right equipment designed and installed by qualified professionals. Contact Noron, Inc. for a detailed review of your needs and options today.